When Liberty Gets Leprosy: The Libertarian Lure

Sep 01, 2018

Recently read: Douglas Wilson reviews some concerns that libertarianism poses from the standpoint of God's Law.

When Liberty Gets Leprosy: The Libertarian Lure

Since we are in between elections, and because public feelings are not running high at just this moment, I thought it would be safe to take a moment to discuss the libertarian temptation…

I have three basic problems with libertarianism as such, and the first two lead to an informed discussion of the third. Now secular libertarians will respond to these points (if at all) differently than Christians who have come under the influence. So my appeal here is primarily to those Christians who are toying with (anarcho)-libertarianism, and the appeal is as much as to say, “you are being tempted, you are being enticed.” Take care.

A good read for any Christian conservative or libertarian.